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Safety Matches

Matches are only fire-fighting tools at first. But now matches may mean creativity, colorful, even romantic.

Offer a light with flame. Shop from our extensive collection of personalized matches, including matchbooks and a variety of differently shaped matchboxes. Whether you're looking for a top-quality yet inexpensive wedding favor or a beautifully branded leave-behind for your business, custom matches are your answer. From simple 40 strike matchbooks to creative lipstick matchboxes, For Your Party the most extensive selection of personalized matchboxes you can choose from. Plus our vast library of paper colors, foil colors, fonts and graphics! With so many options, we are sure you will find the perfect match!

History of safety matches

Early matches:

Earliest matches are invented in China, During the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms (AD 907–960), a book called the Records of the Unworldly and the Strange written by Chinese author Tao Gu in about 950 stated about safety matches.

Modern matches:

Modern matches were invented in the 19th century in Sweden. Wooden sticks mixed with chemicals, strike on the boxes which are printed with red phosphorus.

Matches today:

Safety matches are classified as dangerous goods, HS code: 3605.00, UN 1944.

It's still widely used today around the world, not only Europe and North America. Also in developing countries, in South America, Africa, etc.

Types of safety matches

According to the purpose and technics, there're many different types of matches: advertising matches, BBQ matches, book match, candle matches, cigar matches, fireplace matches, hotel matches, gift matches, glass bottle matches, etc.

Why are safety matches called safety matches?

Safety matches can only be stricken against a special surface (phosphorus ), before safety matches were invented, people are suffer from chemical exposure. Then fist safety matches are invented by Sweden in the 19th century. Strike-anywhere matches are classified as another dangerous goods, UN 1331, Matches, strike-anywhere. Different with safety matches, UN 1944.


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