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Christmas is not Christmas until you hear "All I Want for Christmas Is You" from Mariah Carey echoing in every corner of the crowded streets. Similarly, EXTRA LONGs are considered necessary for a decent Christmas. Here, we provide EXTRA LONG matches for you!

EXTRA LONGs matches are fire-starter matches with a long shaft used for lighting a fire, where holds a short-shaft match close to the ignitable fuel might pose a risk.

Features of our EXTRA LONG matches

First of all, our EXTRA LONG matches are strong and sturdy. It's not easy to bend or break. Secondly, it's easy to ignite. I believe that no one wants matches that take you much patience to ignite especially in the freezing cold winter. Thirdly, the heads are non-toxic ones, which is critical to your health. No one want to breathe in toxic air! So it is with the earth. Thank god, it's environmentally friendly. Besides, not only great for lighting EXTRA LONGs, but our EXTRA LONGs matches are also suitable for outdoor pits and barbecues. Enjoy your outings with our EXTRA LONG matches!

Specifications of our EXTRA LONG matches

Brand Name: Fzmatch

Match Length:200MM(7.9 inches.) 280MM (11 inches.)

Number of boxes per package: 1 box

Number of matches per Box: 20-90 pc

Packaging Type: Boxed

Safety Matches: Yes.

Natural sticks: All of our match sticks are twice polished.

Match tips: in 36 colors.

Minimum quantity: 2.500 boxes.

Transportation: UN 1944 SAFETY MATCHES, limited quantity.

Why do people choose our EXTRA LONG matches?

Our EXTRA LONG match sticks are all twice polished, all of our strikers are waterproof, with EN1783 standard.

Fzmatch provides a variety of matches for different applications. If you are looking for a reliable match supplier, please contact our professional team anytime at info@fzmatch.com or contact us by viewing our websites. We provide free quotes and suggestions.

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