Matches Strike Paper

Matches Strike Paper

A couple of the matches, there will be no flame without it. A must for all survivalists, hobbyists, and outdoor enthusiasts.These work great for safety matches and strike-anywhere matches.


phosphorus, match strike paper, adhesive backing

The striker on the matchbox is totally free of white phosphorus.

Product instructions

Condition: Due to the nature of this product.

The material also leaves a light residue so wash hands thoroughly after each use.

Features of our match strike paper

It can be customized into different sizes and shapes, there are several different colors for you. Striker Paper for all your creative design projects!

Specifications of our match strike paper

Brand Name: Fzmatch

Paper size:600MM(23-3/5 in) *50MM(8-1/2 in)

Packaging Type: Carton

Color: Black/ Brown /Dotted

Minimum quantity: 300 sheets.

we have black and brown colors of strike surface to choose from.

Why do people choose our match strike paper?

Our match strike paper is made with fewer blemishes, spots, scratches.

The MOQ is low.

The production time is 3 days.

F-Zero Matches Factory in the city of Anyang has a history of 20 years. saw its matches exported to more than 20 countries and regions including Germany, France, Poland, and Italy, etc. We have BSCI, FSC certification; EN1783 standard. In 2003, an idea of making innovative advertising matches occurred to Mr. Zhao, the founder, and general manager of the factory. when he picked up a matchbook during a visit to Shanghai. The matchbook had the Chinese characters known as "double xi," which signifies good luck and is often used at weddings. Soon afterward, customized matchbooks with various themes like weddings, birthdays, tourism and advertisements started to roll off the production line. 'Success in the new matches market depends on innovation, and businesses will attain better development once they advance with market demands.'

F-Zero provides a variety of matches for different applications. If you are looking for a reliable match supplier, please contact our professional team anytime at or contact us by viewing our websites. We provide free quotes and suggestions.


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