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F-Zero Match Factory

A couple of the matches, there will be no flame without it. A must for all survivalists, hobbyists, and outdoor enthusiasts.These work great for safety matches and strike-anywhere matches.


phosphorus, match strike paper, adhesive backing

The striker on the matchbox is totally free of white phosphorus.

Product instructions

Condition: Due to the nature of this product.

The material also leaves a light residue so wash hands thoroughly after each use.

Features of our match strike paper

It can be customized into different sizes and shapes, there are several different colors for you. Striker Paper for all your creative design projects!

Specifications of our match strike paper

Brand Name: Fzmatch

Paper size:600MM(23-3/5 in) *50MM(8-1/2 in)

Packaging Type: Carton

Color: Black/ Brown /Dotted

Minimum quantity: 300 sheets.

we have black and brown colors of strike surface to choose from.

Why do people choose our match strike paper?

Our match strike paper is made with fewer blemishes, spots, scratches.

The MOQ is low.

The production time is 3 days.

A strike paper is where you strike a match and make fire.

In FZ matches, we offer many kinds of strike paper solutions. You can customize the color of strike paper to brown or black, you can choose plain, dotted, or stripe strike paper. You can even design the shape of strike paper to any letter or pattern. Be creative, and we will help make your idea come true. 

We also offer a lot trike paper stickers, which is perfect for handcraft at home. You can scissor it yourself. It is so convenient and easy to use that some schools start to use this as a material for art work. 

Talk to our sales assistant to know more. 

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