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F-Zero Match Factory

 If you strike a 28-cm-long scented matchstick on the surface of a matchbook, a rose scent wafts in the air. You can put scented matches into a glass bottle. the glass bottle is an excellent way to show off your matches. Different from a traditional matchbox, You can see the matches directly without open the matchbox. Normally matches are put inside transparent glasses.

Features of our scented matches

Scented matchboxes are an excellent way to show off your design. You can be colorful, creative, and season-specific with your box design, all while impressively incorporating your company logo.

The provided matches are checked on varied parameters so as to offer the best product to our clients. We offer these matches in various sizes and specifications to meet the demands of our clients.

Specifications of our scented matches

Brand Name: Fzmatch

Match Length: 75MM(3 inches)    100MM (4 inches) etc.  280MM (11 inches)

Number of boxes per package: 1-20 boxes

Number of matches per Box: 10-40 pcs

Packaging Type: Boxed

Flavor: rose, apple, orange, lemon, etc.

Natural sticks: All of our match sticks are twice polished.

Match tips: in 36 colors.

Minimum quantity: 1.000 boxes.

Transportation: UN 1944 SAFETY MATCHES, limited quantity.

Box technology: hot stamping, hot silver, gold foil, bump, UV light, embossed, etc.

Why do people choose our scented matches?

Fast delivery time, production time is only 10 days, we can send matches door to door to the USA, CANADA, GERMANY, FRANCE, etc. Our scented match sticks are all twice polished, all of our strikers are waterproof, with EN1783 standard.

F-Zero provides a variety of matches for different applications. If you are looking for a reliable match supplier, please contact our professional team anytime at info@fzmatch.com or contact us by viewing our websites. We provide free quotes and suggestions.

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