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A Few Things about Lighting Cigars with Matches

Using matches to light a cigar seems quite retro, as it's not as common as other methods such as using a torch lighter. A torch lighter is faster and provides a more even burn.

Why do we still need to use cigar matches?

Lighting a cigar with matches has its advantages. First, the flame from cigar matches is softer and has less impact than a torch lighter, which reduces the risk of scorching the cigar. Second, the process of lighting a cigar with matches is a calm and peaceful one, which can enhance the cigar experience. Particularly when appreciating the subtle changes in the cigar, a calm mind is necessary. Therefore, when doing a professional cigar tasting, matches are always used. Lastly, using matches to light a cigar gives it a sense of ceremony. The downside is that it takes longer, but that's also part of its charm.

You can light a cigar with matches while puffing at the same time. To speed up the process, cut off the end of the cigar, exhale through the cigar to expel any residual gas, and then light the foot of the cigar with the outer flame of the match. Keep the flame parallel to the foot and rotate the cigar while lighting it to ensure an even burn. Cigar matches are tasteless, so it's safe to light and puff at the same time. If you don't want to puff and light at the same time, tilt the cigar at an angle so that the foot is close to the flame and then rotate it until it's evenly lit.

How to use cigar matches safely?

If you're using regular sulfur matches, there will be a sulfur odor. To avoid contaminating the flavor of the cigar, light the match and wait a few seconds until the sulfur has dissipated before lighting the cigar. A better option is to use a piece of pine wood. Cut a thin strip of pine wood, light it, and then use it to light the cigar. For a more authentic cigar experience, you can light a small oil lamp on the table and have a small can of pine wood strips nearby. When you want to light the cigar, pick up a strip of pine wood and light it on the lamp, then use it to light the cigar. The atmosphere will be completely different.

Cigar matches are a gentlemanly way to light a cigar. Of course, a lighter is quicker and simpler, but using matches adds extra aroma, flavor, and a touch of class, especially if you use wood matches instead of paper ones. For cigar matches wholesale, choose F-Zero!

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