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A Must-see for Novices, a Wrong Way to Light a Cigar May Ruin a Cigar

Speaking of cigarettes, it is estimated that everyone will not feel unfamiliar. When you are depressed and anxious, you can light a cigarette and feel relieved physically and mentally, and your fatigue will thus disappear. If someone gives you a cigar at this time, how should you light it without being awkward?

1. Steps to light a cigar with a cigar match

A well-lit cigar is always very comfortable to smoke, so don't be impatient when you light it. Take the following steps slowly:

(1) Hold the cigar horizontally, bring the tail one inch closer to the fire source at a 45° angle, and slowly rotate the cigar until the surface of the cigar port is evenly smoked black.

(2) Now you can hold the cigar in your mouth, place the flame about 1.5 cm away from the cigar, and slowly smoke while rotating the cigar. Now the cigar should be lit by the cigar match. At this time, make sure it burns evenly. Otherwise, one side of the cigar will burn faster than the other.

(3) Gently blow the lit end to determine whether the combustion is even.

Mature old cigars are easier to ignite than cigars that have just been placed for a short time. If the ignition method is appropriate, the edge of the premium cigar will have a narrow ring of burnt black, and the black part of the medium-quality cigar will be thicker.

2. What kind of tool is used to light a cigar? Cigar matches are the most convenient tool

Three types of burners are generally used for cigar lighting:

(1) Cigar matches

Cigar matches is a special long wooden match, usually called the cigar match. It is twice as long as a regular match. It is made of wood and burns more slowly. The cigar match can be found in cigar stores or smoking accessories stores. contact us for cigar matches bulk.

(2) Cedar wood chip

Cedar is also called cedar wood. In many high-end Cuban cigar boxes, cedar wood chips with the size of the box are attached to the top. Cedar wood chips can ignite cigars without introducing irritating or harmful chemicals into the tobacco flavor.

Almost no or no other substances or fragrances are introduced to interfere with or contaminate the cigar. In addition, the cedar wood chips are slowly roasted, so that the oil and water in the tobacco leaves are slowly smoldered, and the full flavor and aroma of the cigar can be displayed almost immediately after being ignited.

(3) Blazer torch

It is a relatively fashionable product, and its fuel also uses butane. There are desktop, pen and portable types.

The desktop blazer torch is similar to an upright pistol. Before use, the safety switch should be turned on, and then you press the button like a trigger, then it will spray out the flame, and its flame will be concentrated, and will not go out. When you want to turn off the fire, just loose the button. Both the pen type and the portable type are cylindrical, and the switch can be turned.

The process of enjoying a cigar is a cumbersome process that the rules should be paid attention to. The demeanor of a mature man is often reflected in this leisurely process of tasting the cigar.

The process of blending with cigars is actually a wonderful journey of taste buds, and it is also an extraordinary road to cultivation.

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