F-Zero Match Factory
F-Zero Match Factory

All Kinds of New Matches

1. Introduction to match sticks

Match stickes use combustible wood to make a small stick, and dip one end of it with wax oil and potassium chlorate-containing medicine (called match head) to make a match;

2. Introduction to match box

The wooden match boxes are coated with red phosphorus and white phosphorus. When in use, the match can be ignited by scratching it on the phosphorous surface, which is very convenient.

3. The ingredients in the safety matches for sale

The match head is mainly composed of oxidizer, flammable substances (such as sulfur) and adhesives. The side of the matchbox is mainly composed of red phosphorus, antimony trisulfide and adhesive. When a match is struck, the match head and the side of the match box rub against and generate heat. The heat released decomposes the oxidant and generates a small amount of oxygen, which makes the red phosphorus ignite, causing the combustibles (such as sulfur) on the match head to burn, so that the match is struck.

Fangzhou Matches Factory's products include: advertising matches, hotel matches, personalized wedding matches, art matches, creative matches, fireplace matches, decorative candle matches, gift matches, BBQ matches, civil matches, windproof and waterproof matches.

Art matches revolutionized traditional matches. The cute art matches use chromium-free, zinc-free, micro-sulfur new technology formula, which are known as safe environmentally friendly fashion match products, carefully designed and packaged in complete sets, exquisitely printed, limited edition, and handmade. Fangzhou Matches Factory has now formed a comprehensive enterprise with more than ten varieties of three series of match veneer decoration. We have a beautiful environment, complete infrastructure, rigorous and solid operation and management, and various economic and technical indicators are at the advanced level of the same industry. In the ever-increasing tide of market economy, hope and difficulties coexist, and opportunities and challenges coexist. We hope to work side by side with companies in need to continue to ignite our match paradise.

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