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Are Cigar Matches out of Fashion?

Cigar matches are not out of date, otherwise, it is estimated that many cigar consumers do not use cigar matches anymore. Many people are also saying that cigar matches are outdated, and the efficiency of using matchsticks is indeed relatively low. It seems a bit too traditional for an efficient modern society.

1. Are cigar matches obsolete?

Lighting cigars with matches to light fire looks retro, after all, it's almost mainstream now. Many people use airbrush lighters to ignite cigars. On the one hand, they ignite more quickly and on the other hand they burn more evenly. However, cigar matches are not out of date.

2. The uniqueness of cigar matches

Match sticks still have unique advantages when igniting cigars. On the one hand, the fire of match sticks is soft, and the impact is not as strong as spray guns. When igniting cigars, there is less scorching. Using cigar matches or pine sticks to ignite the cigar has little effect on the original flavor of the cigar. If you use an airbrush lighter, it is prone to scorching, and the first few mouthfuls of the cigar will change. This is why cigar matches are still used in professional cigar evaluations. Click here for cigar matches bulk.

Similar to Comision Nacional de Degustacion (Cuba National Tasting Committee), this kind of professional dynamic working group always uses pine sticks to light cigars when doing cigar tasting, which is to reduce the influence of fire sources on cigars as much as possible.

On the other hand, the process of igniting a cigar with long matchsticks is a quiet process, which can improve the cigar experience, especially if you want to experience the subtle changes in the cigar, you must be calm; another point is the act of igniting the cigar with a matchstick. There is a sense of ritual, burning a match stick by yourself, the beating red flame can inspire a sense of warmth;

The disadvantage of igniting a cigar with a cigar match is slow, but the advantage is actually slow. Slowly enjoy it for more than an hour, and slowly burn a match to pave the way for more than an hour.

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