F-Zero Match Factory
F-Zero Match Factory

Art Matches-A Revolution in Traditional Matches

Art matches revolutionized traditional matches. The lovely art match is formulated with new technology of no chromium, zinc, and micro sulfur. It is known as a safe and environmentally friendly match. Products are carefully designed, packaged, printed beautifully, limited edition, handmade.

Except for a few remote villages, matches are still being used as a firing tool. Today in China's reform and opening up, china's safety matches can only be seen in hotels and restaurants. The flashes of fire in the match for a few seconds made Andersen's classic fairy tale. There are lighters whose unit price is one dollar everywhere,who uses that old antique? With the continuous improvement of material living standards, people will pay more and more attention to spiritual things, especially Chinese culture. But it would not work like a match made decades ago. After all, the matches at that time were too simple and crude to match the modern features. Product positioning has released a match-culture that promotes retro classic romance. The original simple packaging match design is made into gift set type, and different historical character memorial, cartoons, movies, and other series are designed. This ignites everyone's curiosity about new things so that the safety matches are no longer a tool used for igniting and smoking, but a symbol of new life and new taste!

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