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At What Temperature Does the Match Ignite Spontaneously?

Advertising matches are based on the principle of friction and heat generation of objects, using the chemical activity of strong oxidants and reducing agents to create a fire tool that can be friction and ignite.

The matchbox has phosphorous flakes, so avoid moisture. Matches are flammable, so they should be dry and protected from light and stored in the bedside table or storage cabinet at home.

1. The way advertising matches can ignite spontaneously

Spontaneous combustion refers to the phenomenon that combustibles are burnt due to self-heating or external heat without the effect of external fire sources in the air. According to different heat sources, material spontaneous combustion is divided into two types: self-heating and self-ignition.

Under normal conditions, a slow oxidation process occurs when generally combustible substances are in contact with air, but the speed is very slow and the amount of heat released is very small. At the same time, it continuously dissipates heat to the surrounding environment and cannot emit light like combustion.

2. At what temperature will the advertising match ignite spontaneously?

Rub the head of the advertising match stick against the side of the match box, the red phosphorus on the box will peel off and stick to the head of the match. When this red phosphorus burns due to the frictional heat generated by friction, the sulfur on the head of the match will also burn, so it ignites with a flutter.

The temperature at which objects burn vary. The temperature at which it starts to burn is called the "fire point". The burning point of paper is 450℃, and that of wood is about 400 to 470℃.

The red phosphorus used in advertising matches has a very low ignition point, only about 260 degrees. The temperature generated during friction is sufficient to burn red phosphorus. Although the temperature at the beginning of the burning is very low, the temperature of the match is as high as 2500℃ within the instant after it is lit!

In summary, promotional matches will ignite spontaneously when they reach a temperature of 260℃.

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