F-Zero Match Factory
F-Zero Match Factory

Colorful Art Matches

"Matches, once a renowned fire tool cherished by women and children, once lit up the world and brought warmth to our lives. Although their usage has gradually diminished in recent times, small matches were once emblematic of our nation's resilience against 'foreign fire.' The red flames evoke fond childhood memories.


The match company perseveres in passing on the flame through adversity, constantly striving for innovative breakthroughs. From ordinary everyday matches to the production of diverse artistic matches, from focusing on domestic sales to an export-oriented economy, people harbor hope for the splendid revival of matches and new avenues of innovation.


In 2018, during the 6th National Spark Cultural Festival Expo held in Anyang, Henan, Anyang Fangzhou Gift Match Factory, a leading company in the Chinese match industry, unveiled a series of vibrant art matches. These mesmerized seasoned spark collectors, who eagerly added them to their collections. They pioneered the concept of 'matches + culture,' showcasing the Four Great Classical Novels and tourist commemorative matches, infusing matches with cultural significance. 'Matches + education' transformed matches into educational toys, with non-combustible match heads that allowed children to enhance their knowledge while playing. 'Matches + collection' involved the design and release of various high-end gift matches for appreciation and collection. These innovative offerings infused vitality into an industry that seemed to be fading into the sunset.


Under the meticulous craftsmanship of the match factory's designers, matchsticks no longer adhered to the conventional rectangular shape. They embraced a plethora of patterns and images, such as triangles, hexagons, octagons, cylinders, rhombuses, and trapezoids, captivating people's hearts. The match heads expanded beyond the traditional black and red colors to include a vibrant array of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, purple, and white. The range of artistic matches spanned various themes, including wedding matches, hotel matches, fireplace matches, gift matches, and export matches, offering an extensive selection. Each box of fashionable and innovative matches resembled a rare piece of art, granting people a delightful experience and completely revolutionizing the conventional perception of matches.


Fangzhou Match Factory has successfully transformed match production. The introduction of new match varieties in diverse shapes and styles has seamlessly integrated fashion, culture, and ethnicity into the products. Traditional fire tools have gracefully transitioned into cultural markets such as gifts, collections, and art. These culturally enriched artistic matches have garnered considerable attention from foreign markets, with European and American merchants placing orders. Annually, this match factory dispatches 800,000 boxes of matches to countries worldwide. As the head of the Development and Reform Commission of Long'an District, Anyang City emphasized, 'Some of them use their ingenuity to transcend our imagination within the match industry. It is crucial to recognize that this industry also represents a cultural heritage.'"

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