F-Zero Match Factory
F-Zero Match Factory

Colorful Art Matches

Matches, a well-known fire tool that is well-known to women and children, once lighted the whole world and ignited our lives. As today, the use of matches has gradually faded away, but small matches used to be a symbol of the national industry against "foreign fire". The red flames carry the warm memories of childhood.


The match company persists in passing the fire down through hardships and strives for breakthroughs in innovation. From ordinary daily matches to the production of various artistic matches, from domestic sales to an export-oriented economy, people are full of hope for the gorgeous turn of matches and new ways of innovation.


In 2018, the 6th National Spark Cultural Festival Expo was held in Anyang, Henan. As a leading company in the Chinese match industry, Anyang Fangzhou Gift Match Factory launched a series of colorful art matches, which amazed knowledgeable spark collectors and chose Purchase collection. They developed "matches + culture", the four famous matches of the Water Margin and tourist commemorative matches, which made the matches quite cultural; "matches + education" made the matches into educational toys, and the head of the match could be made not easy to burn, so Children can improve their knowledge while playing; "matches + collection", design and launch a variety of high-end gift matches for people to appreciate and collect. A series of new products have brought vitality to the match industry that is heading towards the sunset.


Under the meticulous dressing of the designer of the match factory, the shape of the match changes the pattern and image of a single rectangular box, triangle, hexagon, octagon, cylinder, rhombus, trapezoid, etc., which make people love each other. The match stick is no longer simple. There are two colors of black and red, but red, orange, yellow, green, blue, blue, purple and white. There are all kinds of colors; all kinds of art matches include wedding matches, hotel matches, fireplace matches, gift matches, export matches, etc., with rich themes. A box of fashionable and novel matches is like a rare piece of art, giving people a beautiful enjoyment and completely subverting the image of traditional matches in people's minds.


Fangzhou Match Factory has successfully transformed the production of matches. The new varieties of matches in various shapes and styles integrate fashion, culture, ethnicity and other elements into the products, allowing traditional fire tools to gradually transform and enter cultural markets such as gifts, collections, and art. This kind of culturally rich artistic matches has also received great attention from foreign markets, and merchants in Europe and the United States have placed orders. Every year, the match factory here delivers 800,000 boxes of matches to countries all over the world. As the person in charge of the Development and Reform Commission of Long'an District, Anyang City said: Some of them use their ingenuity to make the match industry beyond our imagination. What needs to be emphasized is that this industry also represents a cultural heritage.

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