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Do You Know These Facts About Cigars?

1. How to identify fresh cigars?

Fresh cigars have elastic body and no sound when rubbed. Before lighting the cigar, hold it to your ear, hold it with your index finger and thumb, and gently rub it. If you can't hear any cracking sound, it is a fresh cigar.

2. The knowledge of lighting a cigar

You have to light it yourself and use long matchsticks (the longer the better). After lighting the match, wait a few seconds for the sulfur to dissipate, then roast the cigar body on the flame continuously and regularly, and then light the cigar head evenly. The fire head should not directly touch the cigar.

3. Why do so many people use matches when lighting a cigar?

Because the cigar is a tobacco leaf, coupled with a handmade masterpiece, lighting it will emit a natural tobacco leaf aroma. Therefore, fuels that affect the aroma of cigars should not be used, because gasoline-based lighters have a chemical smell. Of course, except for butane lighters and cigar lighters, they all have their own advantages. Using waxed matches will also affect the aroma of the cigar when lit. The sulfur of the matches has been specially treated and has the scent of cedar when it is lit, which is a good choice. Therefore, people often like to use special cigar matches to light the cigar in order to enjoy the cigar authentically.

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