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Does Anyone Use Matches Now?

There are lighters, why do some match manufacturers survive now? Is there a market for advertising matches? Where will advertising matches be used?

We believe everyone thinks the same as us before reading this article. What age is it now, and who still uses matches? Advertising matches are almost like antiques to us, but there are still match manufacturers that have survived, so who are they supplying advertising matches to?

1. In fact, the development of advertising matches is now different from the previous matches. It not only serves as a source of fire, but also has other meanings. Therefore, current match manufacturers all produce some gift matches, advertising matches, or matches with special images!

2. For example, some cake shops use advertising matches. In fact, they still mainly use advertising matches to light candles. Because their matches are a brand and image representative, match manufacturers can customize and produce some image matches or gift advertising matches for them!

3. In some high-end hotels, gift advertising matches and image matches are actually used. Matches are not as useless as we thought. In addition to these, in some remote areas, there are still a large number of advertising matches.

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