F-Zero Match Factory
F-Zero Match Factory

F-Zero Matches Was Interviewed by CCTV News

Recently, a new kind of product also attracted new customers. If you strike a 28-cm-long scented matchstick on the surface of a matchbook, a rose scent wafts in the air.

F-Zero Matches have added Indian spices into the match heads, and matches had already been ordered by a luxury firm from the United Kingdom.

New products offer ways to counter the waning trend in the match industry. Now sales are even climbing at F-Zero Matches Factory and its scale is also expanding.

F-Zero Matches may have been a daily necessity in the last century, but a match factory in central China's Henan Province has recaptured attention by selling its innovative new products internationally.

F-Zero Matches Factory in the city of Anyang, saw its matches exported to more than 20 countries and regions including Germany, France, Poland, and Italy, earning more than 700,000 U.S. dollars last year.

However, the factory went through a difficult period as the whole match industry was in decline in the 1990s, said Zhao Changxin, founder and general manager of the factory.

"At that time, matches produced in Anyang sold well in both domestic and international markets," said Sun Zengsheng, a plant manager of state-owned Anyang Match Factory, noting that many retailers chose to be based in the neighboring areas in order to snap up matches produced in the city.

"What I thought about most at that time was how to help match factory survive," Zhao said. Two years later, he set up his own business.

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