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History of Matches and Lighters

Match lighter than late invention. Lighter was invented in the 16th century, the invention of matches in the 19th century.

The past is generally believed that the lighter a drawn first appeared in the year 1505 in Nuremberg, Germany handmade area owned by a noble MartinLoffelholz, another suggested that the device could also be lighter by Renaissance master Leonardo da Vinci (LeonarddaVinci) of hand in his hand-rolled CodexAtlanticus also has a drawn similar machinery. However, because the page can not be determined time (time may be plotted 1500 - Between 1519), although both so similar, but can not be sure it can be attributed to Leonardo da Vinci, because Drawings Da Vinci may also It is recorded after seeing the inventions of others.

Who invented it is a match! According to the earliest recorded match is invented in China in the year 577, was the Northern and Southern Dynasties, the war everywhere, Northern Qi got hit into force, shortage of materials, its lack of fire, cooking is a problem, when a group of ladies magically invention the match, but the ancient Chinese matches are just a pyrophoric material. Marco Polo was introduced to Europe in the subsequent period, and later the Europeans invented modern match was once known as its "matches" on this base Chu. "Yanghuogou" can light a fire by friction. The inventor of this match is the UK's Walker, he used gum and water in 1826, made a paste of antimony sulfide and potassium chloride, applied to the Stick and caught in the pull sandpaper will produce fire.

But the early production of safety matches has two very fatal flaws:
(1) yellow phosphorus is very rare and spontaneous combustion when exposed to heat easily, very dangerous,
(2) because of the toxic yellow phosphorus, workers making matches accidentally poisoned to death. In 1852 after de Freitas from Swedish improved Lunmu the invented safety matches. Phosphorus and sulfur compound is igniters to be friction in the firebox coated red phosphorus, for extra security.

Then people how to build a fire before it? Using two original ancient Muzhi rub against each other and firing, using the following flint and iron, but required longer fire, needs a couple of minutes. Match It appears their lives easier, in modern times, lighters and electronic lighters and has gradually replaced the traditional status of the match, but the match, as well as its unique aspect, is no replaced, that is, it produces a flame the color is beautiful.

Match convenient appeared to bring our human life, the civilization and progress made more contributions to the world, I believe there are a lot of people have read Hans Christian Andersen's "The Little Match Girl," this popular fairy tale written in 1848, when friction matches invention is just more than a decade of effort, but he also wrote a fairy tale in 1835, "tinderbox", about a magical flint, alternating among the old and new methods to make fire in the 19th century, these two Andersen the fairy tale is the epitome of that era of transition. Some people feel that matches or is an insignificant thing, but whether you have thought about Ruoguo not match, our lives will be as convenient as possible Zuanmuquhuo it.

So the real by friction lighter than the invention of the match late!

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