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How to Confirm the Artistic Value and Collection Value of Chinese Stickers of Match Boxes?

Ⅰ. Match boxes' stickers have a wide range of topics

Match boxes' stickers range from real life, political movements, war and peace, all walks of life, to cultural relics and antiques, painting and calligraphy works of art, flowers, birds, insects, fish, animals and plants.

From scenic spots, famous mountains and rivers, folk customs, beauties and mothers, to cultural and historical materials, traffic buildings, ancient and modern figures, sports technology, it can be said to be all-encompassing. Match boxes' stickers cover almost every aspect and every corner of the world.

Ⅱ. The design of the match boxes' stickers is simple and elegant, natural and full of interest

Although the match boxes' stickers do not have the exquisite design of stamps, the match boxes' stickers have a light, natural beauty and simplicity, and a state of splendor that belongs to the plain.

If the stamps are the ladies of the collection family, then the spark is the little jasper in the collection family. The match boxes' stickers have attracted and conquered thousands of collectors with their fresh beauty, which is not decorated or carved.

At the same time, there are also some beautifully designed varieties in the spark, which are almost no less than stamps, so they are called "sister flowers" together with stamps. And, many match sticker lovers are looking for unique and artistic matchbooks for sale.

Ⅲ. Match boxes' stickers are sublimated from historical value to cultural relic value

According to the above analysis, the historical value of bulk matches is becoming more and more precious, and usually a collection with historical value has a high cultural relic value.

Just as the works of art and books in the late Qing and early Republic of China have become antiques, advertising matches in the late Qing and early Republic of China have become today's antiques.

Ⅳ. Which match boxes' stickers are worth collecting?

1. Early Sparks in China

Early sparks generally refer to sparks produced from 1877 to before the founding of the People's Republic of China. The sparks are mostly dragon dances, phoenix dances, unicorns, dragon boats, etc. The characters are mostly "revitalizing domestic products" and "matches for national salvation". and many more.

2. The spark from the early days of liberation to the "Cultural Revolution"

The main features of the sparks of this period are the clear themes and keep up with the pace of the times, such as "Sino-Soviet Friendship", "Land Reform", "Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea", "People's Commune" and "Socialist General Line". During this period, some package sparks were produced, such as the "First National Games", "Top Ten Buildings in Beijing", "10th Anniversary of National Day" and so on.

3. The spark of the "Cultural Revolution"

The advertising match stickers of this period were mainly composed of red. Most of the designs are posters, advertisements, cartoons, photography, as well as many "highest instructions" and "quotes", model plays "White-Haired Girl", "Red Lantern" and so on.

4. Modern Spark Boutique

In the late 1980s, the whole country set off an upsurge in the collection of sparks, and the varieties of sparks showed a new pattern of colorful, including special sparks for hotels, high-end art sparks, tourism sparks, literary masterpieces, special sparks, Peking opera masks, special-shaped sparks and so on.

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