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How to Safely Store Matches at Home?

The safety match head is mainly composed of oxidizer (KClO3), flammable substances (such as sulfur) and adhesives. The side of the matchbox is mainly composed of red phosphorus, antimony trisulfide, and adhesive. Pay attention to safety when storing matchsticks at home. Now we will introduce how to store matchsticks safely at home.

The matchbox has phosphorous flakes, so avoid moisture. Matches are flammable. They should be dry and protected from light. They should be stored in bedside tables or storage cabinets at home. The burning of matches is directly related to temperature, open flames and electric fires.

1. Storage temperature of safety matches

Temperature has a great impact on the storage and transportation safety of chemicals such as safety matches. Almost all hazardous chemicals have certain requirements for temperature when they undergo dangerous changes. If the temperature does not meet the requirements, they will not decompose, burn, or spontaneously ignite or explode.

Generally speaking, the nature of hazardous chemicals tends to be unstable as the temperature rises, and the decomposition speed increases or chemical changes are easily caused. When the temperature reaches a certain level, mutations will occur and cause combustion or explosion. At lower temperatures, hazardous chemicals are more stable, and storage and transportation are safer. Therefore, the general storage safety matches are suitable for low-temperature storage and transportation. When the temperature is high, measures such as ventilation and cooling must be taken.

2. Pay attention to open flames and electric fires when storing safety matches

Open flame refers to the fire that is exposed to the outside, including all kinds of flames, fiery heat, sparks, burning objects, cigarette butts, match embers, etc. Electric fire includes electric sparks, static sparks, and lightning. Open flames and electric fires, even small sparks or sparks, have a high temperature in a local area, which is enough to cause the combustion and explosion of many dangerous chemicals.

Therefore, special attention should be paid to open flames and electric fires in the place where safety matches are stored. Like general hazardous chemical workplaces, smoke and fire are strictly prohibited, and the tools used must be explosion-proof tools. The lamps and lanterns should also be explosion-proof lights and be equipped with lightning protection equipment. Loading and unloading machinery and transportation vehicles are equipped with fire-proof, explosion-proof or anti-static devices.

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