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Introduction of Match Types

Matches can be divided into many different types due to their materials. Common types of matches include moisture-resistant matches, paper-stemmed matches, plastic-stemmed matches, toy matches, sulfur-free aromatic matches, high-temperature matches, welded matches, signal matches, and matches that can be repeatedly ignited, etc. Let's take a look separately below.

1. Anti-moisture match

Ordinary matches cannot be ignited when wet. It turns out that they are made of animal glue as a bonding agent, which have poor waterproof performance. The "anti-wind match" uses synthetic resins with good waterproof performance such as vinyl and acrylic as adhesives, and is coated with a soft waterproof membrane, waterproof and moisture-resistant, also known as "anti-moisture matches".

2. Matchbook

Dip ordinary paper in high-melting paraffin fire fatty acid, use a special process to press the stem, and then dip the medicine head to make the "matchbook". Fangzhou Matches Factory can provide wholesale custom matchbooks with customers.

3. Plastic match

Make a matchstick out of plastic and dip it in the medicine tip. "Paper-stemmed matches" and "plastic-stemmed matches" can save a lot of wood and burn longer.

4. Toy match

The tip of the match stick is made of strontium nitrate and barium nitrate, which emit red and green sparks when lit, just like a firework.

5. Sulfur-free aromatic match

When it is ignited, it will not produce sulfur dioxide gas harmful to the human body, but it will emit a pleasant fragrance. It turned out that the matchsticks were soaked in some essence, rose oil, sandalwood oil, etc., and fumigated. After being ignited, the spices evaporate and the room is full of fragrance.

6. High temperature match

Once it is ignited, it will soon produce high temperatures above 1200°C. People use it to weld wires, kettles, enamel basins, etc. where there is no power source. Why does it have such a magical power? It turns out that it uses a mixture of ferroferric oxide, aluminum powder, and magnesium powder as the drug head, and nitrocellulose as the adhesive.

7. Welded match

It can burn for one or two hours. The hot flame can replace electric welding.

8. Signal match

It is 38 cm long and is rolled up with 7 layers of paper, and the medicine head accounts for 1/3 of the total length. This kind of match is like a stick. After being ignited, it is held in the hand, and the fire is blazing like a burning torch, emitting a red, blue or white flame, which can last for more than ten minutes and will not go out in wind and rain. It is extremely bright and can help trains and ships in distress send out distress signals.

9. The match that can be ignited multiple times

It has two layers inside and outside. The inner layer is ten shots of gunpowder, which is synthesized from potassium chlorate, adhesive, etc.; the outer layer is a combustible drug, which is composed of polyacetaldehyde, nitrocellulose, and benzoic acid. A layer of cellophane was wrapped around the matchstick to prevent the flame from spreading. After the match is scratched, the outer layer of medicine burns quickly, and when the match is extinguished, the inner layer of medicine is exposed. It can be used for multiple strokes.

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