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It's Worth Getting a Cigar Lighting Kit

In leisure time, cigars are the most powerful delicacy. Every fine cigar goes through hundreds of processes before coming to the hands of cigar consumers. Therefore, the prelude to tasting the cigar is very important, especially to light it. Burning the right cigar, the taste of every bite is wonderful, so it is worthwhile to spend a little more time to light the cigar.

The technique of lighting a cigar is a compulsory skill for cigar lovers. Most cigar smokers will use cigar spray guns to light their cigars. However, only the real old-school cigar smokers will know that apart from the cigar spray gun, this special equipment is the choice to light up the cigar taste. So, what exactly is it? Does your accessory have such a big charm? Today, we will reveal the secret!

Ⅰ. Cigar matches: a gentleman's choice

First of all, what we want to reveal is the cigar match. In traditional British dramas, we can often see gentlemen wearing three-piece suits, slowly lighting the cigar with a burning cigar match, exuding a gentleman's breath between his hands and feet.

Cigar matches are specially made long wooden matchsticks. Compared with a cigar spray gun, a cigar match is a soft fire, and the impact is not as heavy as a spray gun, and it is not easy to burn the wrapper. In addition, because the cigar has a natural plant smell, use a special match to light it. It can maximize the natural tobacco aroma of the cigar and retain the original taste of the cigar.

Ⅱ. Points to note when using cigar matches

Although there are many benefits to using cigar matches, there are several points to note in the use:

1. Generally we have to choose a longer cigar match, the longer the match, the better. After lighting the matchstick, wait for a few seconds to let the sulphur smell slowly dissipate, and then place the cigar on the flame and roast it continuously and regularly, and then light the cigar head evenly. Special attention should be paid to keeping a certain distance between the head of the matchstick and the cigar, and not directly touching the cigar;

2. Using cigar matches to light a cigar can be smoked and lighted, which can increase the burning speed of the cigar;

3. After the cigar match is ignited, use the outer flame to light the foot of the cigar. When the cigar and the match stick are parallel, rotate the cigar at the same time to make the cigar burn more evenly.

For the first time to use cigar matches, cigar lovers need to pay attention. If they use waxed matches to light the cigar, it will also affect the aroma of the cigar. Therefore, the matchstick heads used for cigar lighting should preferably be specially treated, which will not affect the aroma of the cigar itself.

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