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Match Strike Jars

Match Strike Jars are chic and functional match strike jars. This cleverly designed jar combines match storage and striker functions in one, bringing convenience and fun to your everyday life.

Main Feature:
MULTI-FUNCTIONAL DESIGN: Match Strike Jars are not only a storage container for matches, the bottom of the jar is also covered with a special material that scratches fire. You just drag the match across the bottom, and you can easily strike the fire, safe and convenient.

Carefully Crafted: We crafted our Match Strike Jars with durable materials to ensure they are sturdy enough to give you a long-lasting experience.

Beautiful Design: The jar has a simple and beautiful appearance, suitable for placing anywhere. Whether it is in the kitchen, living room or bedroom, it can become a stylish decoration and add a home atmosphere.
MULTIPLE CHOICE: Match Strike Jars offers a variety of jar colors and styles to choose from, ensuring you can find your favorite to match your home style perfectly.

HOME GIFT: This unique and functional match rub jar also makes a thoughtful home gift. Send it to your family, friends or colleagues to show your care and blessings to them.

Match Strike Jars will provide convenience and fun for your everyday lighting of candles, stovetops or campfires. It is your right-hand assistant whether you are enjoying quiet moments or gathering time. Thank you for your interest in our products, we look forward to providing you with a quality shopping experience. If you have any questions or needs, please feel free to contact us. Let Match Strike Jars ignite your life!

*** Customized Label MOQ 50 Jars ***
♥ Aspen wood.
♥ Striker is on bottom of jars.
Color of matches: Over a dozen of head colors available

Lead time: 5-9 days
Shipping time:
9-14 days to USA, CANADA
14-19 days to UK, Australia and New Zealand, etc.
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