F-Zero Match Factory
F-Zero Match Factory

Matchstick Making Process

Formula of safety match skin
8g of manganese dioxide, 3g of red phosphorus, 3g of rich powder (glue) solvent, 5g of glue and 3g of water.

Safety Match formula
8 grams of potassium chlorate, 2.5 grams of manganese dioxide, 2 grams of sulfur, 1 gram each of solvent and glue, 0.5 grams of water, and the appropriate amount of pigment is determined.

Production process of the safety matches

1. Production of match coat:
After various raw materials are prepared in a certain proportion, they are sieved three times with a 140-180 mesh nylon sieve. More is better. (Do not use a metal or copper sieve.) Mix the prepared solvent with the sieved raw materials, stir to form a liquid, brush on the prepared matchbox with a brush, and dry.

2. Production of match-head:
After all kinds of different raw materials are prepared in a certain proportion, 140-180 mesh nylon screen is used for repeated screening. The more uniform it is, the better. (If it is not uniform, it will affect the combustion effect.) Then mix the sieved raw materials with a ratio of glue to water and mix them into a paste. Insert the purchased matchstick into a three-plywood board with many small holes, flip it and take the liquid, and cool it or dry it. Do not set it on fire. The key is to suck enough paraffin on one end of the matchstick. (The oil can be heated and dissolved first. Insert one end of a matchstick in the oil and remove it immediately. It is not easy to burn.)

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