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Memories and Surprises Brought by That Tiny Advertising Match

1. The practicality of advertising matches

The advertising matches are more than just matches. Many restaurant owners always want to make small gifts for their customers, but the money may not be well spent.

Consumers are very real, and receiving gifts may be happy, but is it really practical? Then this box of advertising matches is an advertising platform, an advertisement that may have been circulated several times.

Sometimes the visual extension is not pure value, but creativity. Today we will talk about advertising matches.

2. The difference between advertising matches and ordinary matches

We used the matches to light the firewood, and then we could light candles or firewood, etc., use the black head of black matches to scratch the black paper next to the matchbox, and the fire instantly started.

At that time, we were attracted by the smell of sulfur. People often picked up the matches in the matchbox and lit it and smelled the smell of sulfur, watching it burn down bit by bit at the same time, the satisfaction of childhood is unmatched by anything now.

Then we gradually noticed the kind of advertisement on the box of matches for sale. When we got older, this kind of match gradually disappeared in daily life and was gradually replaced by all kinds of wayward lighters. The memory of that time gradually became blurred.

It is only occasionally that we see such exquisite advertising matches in hotels or guesthouses, and we are so happy in my heart. Although we no longer use them often now, we still keep them every time we find them. We miss the beauty of that time, and at the same time, we are also attracted by such exquisite advertisements today.

In this era of advertisements flying all over the sky, it is possible to see such a quiet and unassuming little advertisement match, and we will not reject. It looks like an advertisement on the bright side, but what we see in essence is a long-lasting memory inside.

The sticker on the matchbox is a unique packaging and decoration advertisement, which is older than the match above, and is the kind of memory hidden in the depths.

Nowadays, the little matches have also changed. Although they are inconspicuous in such a complex society, what this advertising match bears is a generation-long memory. If you are like us, you like the smell of sulfur, and you prefer to carry a sense of memory to come.

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