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On the Difference between Ordinary Match and Safety Match

Ordinary black-headed matches are the original design of safety matches and come from Sweden. Since the head of the match is still black after being lit, in order to make a distinction, later safety matches added dye to the drug, which became the current red-headed matches and green-headed matches.


Whether it is a red head, a green head or a black head, it is a safety match.


Ordinary matches: Ordinary matches refer to matches that have a small cross-section, short length, and no chemical treatment. According to general regulations, the specification of the ordinary wooden matchstick is 1.8mm X 1.8mm x 38mm1. The specification of the wax stick matchstick is 1.6mmx30mm.


The components of safety matches are: the match head is mainly composed of oxidizer (KClO3), combustible material (such as sulfur) and adhesive. The side of matchbox is mainly composed of red phosphorus, antimony trisulfide and adhesive. When a match is lit, the match head and the side of the matchbox rub together and generate heat. The heat released breaks down KClO3, producing a small amount of oxygen that ignites red phosphorus, which causes combustibles such as sulfur on the top of the match to burn and light the match.


The advantage of the safety match is that it separates the red phosphorus from the oxidant, which is safer, and the chemicals used are non-toxic. So it is also called a safety match.

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