F-Zero Match Factory
F-Zero Match Factory

2 3 4 Inches Matches For Lighting Candles Candle Matches

Exquisite packaging: Each candle match is carefully packaged, presenting a unique texture and taste, making your experience pleasant from the appearance.
Easy to ignite: Whether it is lighting a candle, a stove, or a bonfire, our matches are just the right length, making it easier to ignite, allowing you to enjoy a warm moment without any effort.
Safe Burning: Our carefully selected match materials ensure safe burning, eliminating the risk of dripping and splashing, making your use more at ease.
LONG LASTING BURNING: Each match is precisely designed to burn longer, allowing you to enjoy the peace of mind with a constant glow.
*** Customized Label MOQ 50 Jars ***
♥ Aspen wood.
♥ Striker is on bottom of jars.
Color of matches: Over a dozen of head colors available
Lead time: 5-9 days
Shipping time:
9-14 days to USA, CANADA
14-19 days to UK, Australia and New Zealand, etc.

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