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The Disappearing Matchbox Stickers Carry More Than Memories

Ⅰ. The history of advertising matches

The appearance of advertising matches first began in 1827 with the John Walker brand in England. Walker Matches predates the birth of the world's first postage stamp, the "Penny Black" by 13 years.

The content and theme of advertising matches are constantly being developed and innovated, and the forms are also more colorful. Commemorative advertising matches, advertising matches, calendar advertising matches, and lantern riddle advertising matches have come out one after another.

Since the 1990s, with the popularization of disposable lighters and electronic stoves, the match industry has declined, and some manufacturers have closed down one after another. There are few new products and high-quality advertising matches, and the collection of advertising matches is more active than ever.

Ⅱ. The types of advertising matches

There are many kinds of advertising matches. For the convenience of collection, storage and exchange, they are usually divided into the following categories:

1. Classification according to the role of advertising matches in match packaging

Generally divided into labeling: the trademark affixed to the matchbox ; winning bid: the trademark affixed to each pack of matchboxes; box label: the trademark affixed to each box of matches; volume label: the trademark affixed to the wooden matchbox ; Card label: It is actually a paper matchbox .

2. Classification according to the historical period of advertising matches

Presbyopia flowers, before 1965; Cultural Revolution flowers, from 1966 to 1979; Mid-term set flowers, after 1990.

3. Classification according to the content of advertising matches

(1) Trademark advertising matches refer to advertising matches that simply play the role of trademarks, and are propaganda by the match factory itself.

(2) Art advertising matches. This kind of matchbook advertising has a wide range of themes and exquisite designs, ranging from two to hundreds in a set.

(3)Advertising matches, that is, advertising matches that advertise commodities (enterprises) on advertising matches. It is often box art advertising matches, and the bottom of the box is advertising content.

(4) Special advertising matches , also known as PR advertising matches, are match stickers specially produced for some specific units. These matches are not sold in the market, and the matches made are mainly given as gifts, which are generally used in hotels, institutions, schools, hospitals, etc.

In addition, on the match screen, you can also see slogans of safe electricity use, traffic safety, savings, insurance, taxation, five lectures and four beauties, etc., all of which belong to the category of "advertising matches".

(5) Tourism advertising matches, this is a new variety developed since the 1980s to meet the needs of tourists to buy tourist souvenirs. Most of the tourism advertising matches are sold in various tourist attractions.

Ⅲ. The maintenance of advertising matches

Generally speaking, the protection of matches should mainly pay attention to the following aspects:

①Anti-mildew. During the rainy season, water molecules in the air are very active, making the collections prone to mold. In this season, you should read and organize advertising match collections as little as possible.

② Moisture-proof. In summer, you can't hold the collection with your hands, so as not to get sweat on the collection. Usually, the advertising matchbooks are put in small paper bags and then packed in large plastic bags to isolate the collection from moisture.

③ Dustproof. Store the collection in a box, so that it is not stained by dust.

④Anti-insect and rodent-proof. Mothballs, thymol and other medicines should always be placed in the box where the collection is stored.

⑤ Fireproof. The collection should be kept away from the source of fire, and do not smoke when arranging advertising matches to prevent fire or damage to the advertising match screen.

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