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The Manufacturing Process of Wax Match and Hook Match

1. Manufacturing of wax matches

There are two ways to manufacture wax matches: one is die forming and the other is extrusion forming. It must go through the process of raw paper slitting, wax dipping, forming, cooling and cutting. It uses a roll of glossy paper with a basis weight of 40~45g/m2 as the raw material, and is cut into a disc paper with a width of 20~25mm. It is formed into a circle or a square in the molten paraffin at a temperature of about 120℃ through a molding die or a molding wheel. The stalks of the cross section are cut into stalks after being cooled and shaped by cold water or cold air. The size of wax stem is generally 28 to 38mm in length, round stem diameter is 1.5mm, and square stem cross section is 1.6×1.6mm.

The manufacture of matchsticks is the same as that of wooden matchsticks. After the stems are sorted into the universal matchstick continuous machine, the sticks are applied and the matchsticks are applied to make matches. But there is no need to apply wax before applying medicine. The fastness of the wax stem to the medicine head is poor. It needs to be pre-treated before dipping the medicine slurry. Remove the wax layer on the surface of the stem branch end (the place where the medicine is applied), and slightly loosen the paper layer to increase the medicine head and stem. The cohesive force; the drying of the drug head is carried out at a lower temperature (20-40 ℃) to prevent the paraffin in the stem from melting.

2. Manufacturing of hook matches

It is divided into three parts: stem making (generally called match comb), cover making and binding. In order to prevent the residual branches from smoldering after the paper stalks are burnt out, the paperboard for stalks needs to be treated with anti-burning treatment. This treatment is the last step of the board paper production process, that is, before the paper blank passes through the final dryer, it is evenly sprayed with a 5% diammonium hydrogen phosphate aqueous solution on the board, and then dried, the moisture content should be kept at about 8%.

The automatic continuous machine (CM machine) of match combs is used to automatically complete the stem making and the dipping head. Use the cover phosphor coating slitting machine (PM machine) to coat the cover paper with the printed trademark with a phosphor layer, and after drying in the drying tower, first slit into strips longitudinally, and then slit transversely into slices for packaging. The match comb and cover are combined in a binding machine (AM machine), the match comb is cut on the machine, and the cover is folded and combined and bound into a book, which is the finished product.

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