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The Matchbox Stickers are a Blossom of Art Filled with Wisdom

Overview of Matchbox Labels

Fireworks are the beautiful name given by collectors to the trademark labels of matchboxes. In fact, "fireworks" have other names, such as phosphorous inch tickets, match stickers, match tags, and match prints, but only "fireworks" fit its temperament.

As the name implies, "fireworks" are the artistic flowers blooming on the matchbox. Such poetic naming perfectly summarizes the cultural and artistic value of fireworks that go beyond the meaning of matchbox trademarks.

When it comes to culture, art, and wisdom, people often associate them with elegant or extraordinary things. High-end artistic products often intentionally pursue this level of refinement. However, things that unintentionally transcend the ordinary meaning and gradually show artistic quality after the washing of time become more likable. Fireworks are such ordinary-looking objects that have already transcended the common meaning.

From Commercialization to Collectivization of Matchbox Labels

Originally, the purpose of displaying literary and artistic content, scenic folklore, and various subject matter on fireworks was nothing more than commercialization to make matchboxes branded and attract people to purchase. Flowers, birds, people, and landscapes are borrowed to print on matchboxes. Initially, no one thought they would be part of art because matches were frequently used in daily life.

However, fireworks cannot provide practical use value to ordinary people, so the "useless" things only have aesthetic value and a small emotional attachment. Therefore, advertising matches logically became people's collections. At this time, "useless" became useful.

That is to say, the spirit of collecting embodied in fireworks is another manifestation of its gradual enrichment of the definition of art. Although it only provides a conceptual change in a minor aspect, it is enough to give us an inspiration.

The Artistry of Matchbox Labels

The artistry of fireworks cannot be compared with other high-end artistic products; it only provides a gateway to the "useless" art that people usually overlook but actually exist.

In fact, the "useless" fireworks still have the usefulness that fireworks collectors often mention- they are called a "small encyclopedia" alongside stamps in the world of collecting. Relying on this "little encyclopedia," fireworks provide knowledge, but it is not enough. However, the wisdom written on the petals of the blooming flower of matchbox labels is enough to support its artistic temperament and make up for its incompleteness in knowledge.

Poetic things are never measured by knowledge. The poetic nature of fireworks is reflected in the small paper squares, with small parts representing the whole. Although it can illustrate a part of the whole, it cannot reach its depth of meaning.

Don't underestimate the thin fireworks; they can carry history, literature, and art in their lightness, as well as the people and things behind them. This is by no means a simple thing.

Fireworks are the passionate part of burning years, and now collectors of advertising matchbox labels continue the hot passion of those years, storing their own feelings in each fireworks.

Fireworks collecting is not as popular as other collections, or collectors gain significant economic benefits from collecting. It is just a tiny world of poetic dwelling for collectors.

Like its name, the flower of art blooms in the palms of enthusiasts, not for anything else, but because it is a bud that once existed in people's lives, its blooming should also be so natural.

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