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What is a Special Cigar Match?

The real cigar is produced without adding any non-organic ingredients, fermented, mellowed, and rolled by hand.

Fragrant fuel is not suitable for use, like ordinary gasoline lighters, because gasoline lighters have a chemical smell. Of course, butane lighters and cigar lighters have their own advantages. Using waxed matches will also affect the aroma of the cigar when lit.

1. What is a special cigar match?

The sulphur of the special cigar match has been specially treated and has the aroma of cedar when it is lit, which is a good choice. The most commonly used cigar match to light a cigar or long wooden matches made with a special lighter, which are usually called the cigar matches.

2. The characteristics of cigar matches

Cigar matches are twice as long as ordinary matches. They are made of wood and burn more slowly. You can buy cigar matches in cigar stores or smoking stores. These cigar matches are from some famous brands or some high-end hotels. There are also long matches with the hotel logo, but they may not be for sale, so general safety matches can also be used.

Using Western cedar chips, in many high-end Cuban cigar boxes, cedar wood chips the size of the box are attached to the top. The aroma of cedar wood chips can blend with the cigar aroma to preserve the aroma of cigars. You can tear the cedar into strips, light it with a regular cigar match, and then light the cigar with it.

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