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What is the Significance of Advertising Matchbox Pictures?

As early as 1827, the British "John Walker" brand spark was born. It was 13 years earlier than the world's first stamp "Penny Black" was published in the United Kingdom on May 1, 1840. It has been nearly 180 years of history.

Sparks are generally divided into four categories: decals, card flowers, labels and seals. The decals are the sparks attached to the matchbox; the card flower is a cardboard card, which is a matchbox when rolled up;

The label is a complete picture, and the seal is the big match trademark affixed to different match packages (boxes).

Sparks are the second largest collection in the world after philately. Many people collect them in developed countries and regions such as Europe and the United States. Everywhere has its own sparkling associations, and China also has some local sparkling societies.

1. Advertising match pictures have the attributes of cultural relics

The earlier matches, also known as foreign fires, were imported products. Back then, Swedish, Japanese and other national businesses opened up the Chinese market.Nowadays, the match industry in China has developed in full swing, and many China manufacturers are engaged in custom matches wholesale business.

In the design of the match trademark, try to use the traditional folk symbol of the dragon, the unicorn, which is a metaphor for auspiciousness and auspiciousness, and the homophonic bat (blessing in China), the god of wealth, longevity, ladies, etc. in the early advertisements. The match sparks abound.

2. Matchbox pictures can confirm a historical section

Since matches were once a necessity for the lives of the general public, they have always been used as carriers for political propaganda and commercial advertisements.

Therefore, a large number of historical traces remain on the spark, from land reform, resistance to US aggression and aid Korea, the Great Leap Forward, the People's Commune, to the "Cultural Revolution", all of which have been intuitively reflected on the matchbox.

Major events in recent years, such as previous National Day commemorations, party congresses, and sports meetings, are also reflected in the sparks screen. Collecting sparks seems to be collecting history.

3. Matchbox pictures are miniature works of art with unique style

Although the box of matches for sale only a square inch in size, it is an all-encompassing art world. No matter current affairs, politics, science and technology, business, culture and art, sports competition, scenic spots, flowers and animals, flowers, plants, insects and fish... all can be found in the spark.

The paintings of famous artists and calligraphy masters from ancient times to the present, ranging from paintings in the Forbidden City to Xu Beihong's horses, Qi Baishi's paintings, Feng Zikai's cartoon characters, etc., have been reproduced in many matchbox pictures.

It is not surprising that the complicated landscape of the world is condensed on the surface of the small matchbox, and it has a special charm.

4. Matchbox pictures have the potential for appreciation

Since matches are consumables, the preserved historical relics are becoming increasingly rare. With the passage of time, it is very difficult to find those precious sparks after decades or even hundreds of years, and the price is not cheap.

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