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What Should Be Noted When Customizing Advertising Matches?

Many times we hear people talk about advertising matches, what are advertising matches? Actually it's quite simple, they are matches that have advertising on them. Some businesses print their own advertisements on the matchboxes for promotional purposes, so we call them advertising matches.

Aside from the advertising benefits, advertising matches are no different from other matches in terms of function and effect, they are all used for lighting. Nanle Noah's Ark has been producing and selling this type of advertising match as its main business for many years, and has achieved some success in this field, producing a variety of styles of advertising matches for many enterprises.

The advertising matches around you

Matches have a long history in China, having been invented in 577 AD. Matches are now rarely seen, as most people use lighters instead. However, matches are still widely used because many businesses take advantage of the opportunity to print their slogans, addresses, or factory phone numbers on the matchboxes. There is a saying that although they are still called matches, they are now dressed in "artistic" clothes, and gift matches have also become a symbol of "wealth", indicating that life and business will be prosperous, making them a popular gift for collection and gifting. Gift matches symbolize good luck, and are not only a novelty, but also a way to give money and bring good luck.

Customizing advertising matches

Although environmental awareness and technological development have led to the replacement of matches with products such as lighters, matches are still needed in some occasions. So, what should be paid attention to when customizing advertising matches?

  • Since it is customized advertising matches, you need to explain your purpose, then explain your advertising creative or purpose, and what kind of effect you want to achieve, and make a simple plan for the advertising match manufacturer to customize.

  • If you want to customize advertising matches, you also need to do some market research to understand the general market price and customization model, so as not to be fooled.

  • The quality of advertising matches made by different match customization manufacturers in the market varies, so we need to examine the strength of the match customization manufacturers or corporate credibility, and see how the advertising match quality is and what the after-sales service is like.

  • In addition to the above, we also need to understand the delivery cycle and other aspects of customized matches, so as not to affect later use.

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