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Why are Matches So Popular?

The invention of fire brought human society into a new era. Lighters and matches came into being, which brought us a lot of convenience. Many people may have doubts, since the lighter has been invented, why invent the match? Next, the advertising match manufacturer Fangzhou will have a brief chat with everyone!

In fact, in the early days, lighters could not be called lighters. Early lighters were called "igniters", and they were expensive. In Europe in the 17th and 18th centuries, the cost of an igniter was about the same as the cost of a car. Listen It looks amazing. In 1823, a German chemist, Debeleiner, invented the igniter by accident, but Debeleiner, a chemist, invented the lighter by accident. Debeleiner did not study engineering and mechanics. He is just a chemistry and pharmacy teacher at the University of Jena.

Why is match so popular? Why do people use matches when the lighter has been invented? We believe that the two have different versatility after all. And at the beginning, matches are indeed more convenient than lighters. There are dozens of tiny wooden sticks in a small box, and the tip of the stick is covered with a thin layer of red phosphorous. Just rub it on the side of the box, it can generate a satisfactory flame. Matches are disposable, low-cost, affordable, and easy to use. Therefore, compared with earlier lighters and igniters that had various disadvantages such as heavy appearance and inconvenient use, the speed of popularization was greatly increased. So in the early days, on the whole, matches were much more convenient than lighters.

Nowadays, gift matches are widely used. Matches are not only used to give out sparks, but also serve as a carrier of advertising. The products produced by Fangzhou, a manufacturer of advertising matches, have stable quality, fast delivery, a complete range of matches, and reasonable prices. The outer packaging uses modern new printing technology, beautifully printed, complete specifications, and can be customized according to customer requirements. People from all sessions are welcome to order and consult.

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