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Why is It Not Easy to Burn when the Matchstick is Upright?

Friends who have used advertising matches have found that if the matchsticks of advertising matches are in a vertical direction, the advertising matches are always tricky to burn, so why? Is there any scientific basis? Follow in our footsteps to study this problem together!

Ⅰ. Why are advertising matches hard to burn?

Generally speaking, advertising matches are made of flammable materials from beginning to end, which should burn nicely. Of course, it does burn very well, but it will be difficult for the advertising match to burn in one case. That is when the matchstick of advertising matches is upright.

Ⅱ. The advertising match burns when it is vertical

This is because if the matchstick of advertising matches is in a vertical orientation, the heat of lighting the advertising match will flow upward at this time, and the matchstick of advertising matches below it is difficult to reach the burning temperature. The ignition point cannot be reached, so it is more challenging to burn naturally!

So, even though it is a small advertising match covered with combustibles, it will not burn if it is not used well!

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