F-Zero Match Factory
F-Zero Match Factory

Art Matches Bring Matches to Life

1. Fancy matches with special meanings

Art match is a creative commodity on the market today. It brings people not only a visual impact, but also a full range of impacts on the senses and thinking. The redesigned fancy matches make people realize that as long as any item is innovated, they will have their own new vitality. Today, matches have been excavated again and given a new spirit. They are no longer simply burning for "fire", they have their own words and own story. For the young people born in the 1970s and 1980s, the matches containing childhood memories have been repackaged and can even be completely separated from practical functions and become only a collection.

2. Fancy matches are well-designed

Fancy matches are a complete revolution to traditional matches. They are made of eugenic wood, using new technology formulas that are chromium-free, zinc-free, and micro-sulfur to make a variety of cute art matches, such as Christmas matches and decorative fireplace matches. Match it with a fancy matchbox. Known as: safe, environmentally friendly and fashionable matches. The products are carefully designed, packaged in complete sets, exquisitely printed, limited edition, and purely handmade.

Today in China's reform and opening up, except in a few remote rural areas that still use matches as a tool for making fire, matches can only be seen in hotels and restaurants. The flames passing by the matches shine brightly in a few seconds. The classic fairy tale of Andersen has been achieved. In an era when cheap lighters are flying all over the sky, who else uses this "old antique"? With the continuous improvement of material living standards, people will pay more and more attention to spiritual things, especially Chinese culture, but it will not work to make matches like those of decades ago. After all, the matches at that time were too simple. The modern atmosphere is not commensurate. The product positioning is: advocating the retro, classic and romantic match culture, designing the original simple packaging of matches into a set gift type, and designing different historical character memorials, cartoons, movies and other series. Ignite everyone's curiosity about new things, so that matches are no longer simply used as a tool for ignition and lighting, but a symbol of new life and new taste!

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