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Cigar Matchbox Without Phosphorous Surface

Some types of cigar accessories are still reborn in another form, but there are also some cigar accessories that are basically impossible to reproduce, such as cigar matchboxes without phosphorous surface.

1. The main ingredients of the cigar match boxes

The main components of the friction match powder in this kind of matchbox are potassium chlorate and tetraphosphorus trisulfide. This kind of match does not require a special phosphorous surface. As long as it is scratched on a rough surface, the heat generated by friction is enough to make these two substances catch fire  due to a chemical reaction. Therefore, this type of matchbox has no phosphorous surface, and there is a small protruding fold at the bottom of the matchbox. After the match is taken out of the box, it can be ignited by swiping the bottom. We can still see such scenes in some movies and TV series. When a match is struck on the sole or somewhere, the match will strike. It is because this kind of match is too easy to ignite and is not safe. After the safety matches appeared, it was eliminated.

This kind of matchbox evolved from a gunpowder can. A small can was filled with gunpowder. When it was ignited, a little was poured out and ignited with flint. These personalized match boxes are generally very small, about the same size as the paper matchboxes we use in hotels. There is a lid at one end that can be opened, some lids are hinged, some do not. There are also book-style opening methods, and more than a dozen matches can be placed inside after opening.

2. The texture of the match boxes

Most of these matchboxes are made of metal, and most of them are made of silver, some are made of copper and bone, and a very small amount is made of gold, which is very exquisite. This kind of matchbox also has special shapes, such as horse-shaped, monkey-shaped, chicken-shaped and other animal shapes, as well as horseshoe-shaped, heart-shaped and other different shapes. But more is the box type. Although there are many similar shapes, the patterns carved on them are very different, some are very complicated, some are smooth, and many will be engraved with the information of the owner at the time, such as family crests, surnames, and so on.

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