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Why Does the Match Burn Easily Downwards?

1. The most basic magical effect of advertising matches

The most important thing is still inseparable from ignition. Compared with the popular lighters, it is more convenient and more sensible to use safety matches in many places that need to be ignited.

For example, when lighting a long and thin birthday candle, it is very convenient to use a long advertising match to light the candle, but it is not easy to use a lighter to put it in by hand.

When bitten by a poisonous snake in the wild, quickly take out the advertising match and light it on the wound to weaken the snake venom. Because the moment the match is ignited, the high temperature can reduce the toxicity, the only regret is that the wound will leave scars. Having said that, do everyone know the reason why advertising matches tend to burn downwards?

Ⅱ. Why does the advertising match burn easily downwards?

1. Because the head of the match is downward, the flame will contact the stick more, and the fuel will be more.

2. If it is upward, it will not react well with oxygen.

Ⅲ. The advent of safety matches

According to historical materials, the first match in the world was a sulfuric acid match invented by French chemist Chancellor.

The real appearance of matches is undoubtedly the use of phosphor-headed matches. In 1845, the German Schroder heated the white phosphorus to 250°C in isolation from the air and made red phosphorus. Since then, people began to use red phosphorus to make matches, originally made in Sweden, so it is also called Swedish matches. In 1855, the Swedish Leinstrom designed and manufactured the world's first box of safety matches.

The first match factory in China was established in 1879 and was invested by the overseas Chinese businessman Wei Shengxuan. It was called the Qiaoming Match Factory in Foshan County, Guangdong Province.

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