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Creative Uses of Colored Safety Matches

1. The use of colored safety matches for children

Colored safety matches are a necessity in life, which brings great convenience to our lives. In addition to the use in life, what role do the colored safety matches have? The children in the kindergarten discovered many uses.

Colored safety matches are a kind of common tabletop game products that children like. In regional activities, children like to use safety match sticks to spell out many things and make all kinds of models.

Do you know what matches do? They can light candles and many other things. In addition, they can also be assembled into all kinds of things, how amazing! In the kindergarten handicraft class, you can often see children playing with colored safety matches under the leadership of the teacher. They earnestly operate by putting together ordinary and simple safety matches into various modeling: house, dandelion, five-pointed star and robot. Each image is vivid and lively. As a very educational game tool, colored safety matches are cheap, easy to use, safe and entertaining, which can exercise children's finger flexibility.

2. Advantages of colored safety matches

Matches cultivate children's imagination and innovative thinking, developing their intelligence, which allow children to fully enjoy the fun of activities and experience the joy of success in the process of active exploration and creation.

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