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What Will Happen After Lighting a Match?

1. Changes after the advertising match is lit

After the match is ignited, there is of course a chemical change. The main components of the dark object on the head of the match are potassium chlorate, manganese dioxide, and antimony sulfide; the side of the match box is coated with red-brown material, the main components are red phosphorus and glass powder.

When an advertising match is lit, a chemical reaction occurs through friction, releasing oxygen and heat, causing combustibles to burn (the burning of antimony sulfide produces Sb2O3 and a pungent gas).

2. Why is a burning advertising match easy to extinguish when standing, but can burn more violently while standing upside down?

Because when the advertising matches face up, it is difficult to heat the matchsticks during the burning process, so more heat is needed to reach the ignition point of wooden match sticks.

If it stands upside down, it would heat the matchstick during the burning process, then it can quickly reach its ignition point and continue to burn. The longer the heating time, the easier it is to burn, and the more intense the flame.

If the matches at home are damp and difficult to reuse, you can find a plate, put salt in it, and then put the wet matches so that the salt covers the advertising matches as much as possible. After about two minutes, the wet match can be ignited.

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