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​Fangzhou Matches: Advertising Matches around You

The history of matches can be said to be long. Although matches are rare now, as matches have been replaced by most lighters, the application of matches is still relatively wide, because many companies seize business opportunities and print their slogan, address, or manufacturer's phone number on the matchbox when making matches, which is advertising match that we often see.


Advertising matches are a brand-new form of advertising, aiming at consumers’ nostalgic feeling and natural, relaxed, and high grade consumption concepts, using modern processing technology to design and produce products that express classical charm and contain a strong cultural atmosphere, reflecting modern art and perfect combination of traditional culture.And it shows  style, taste and grade in its small space to achieve the harmony and unity of the interests of merchants and consumers. You only need to provide pictures, text and requirements, and we will complete the rest. Advertising matches are widely used in hotels, tea houses, wineries, entertainment venues, bath centers, automobile trade, real estate and other enterprises and businesses.


Advertising matches have also become a symbol of "money" in China, indicating that the days are booming, business is booming, so it has become a hot gift.


Fangzhou Matches Factory mainly produces and sells various match products such as advertising matches, export matches, candle matches and so on. We are an earlier manufacturer of high-end matches. We produce products with stable quality, fast delivery, complete varieties of matches, and reasonable prices. People from all walks of life are welcome to order and consult.

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