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What is the hotel industry environmental protection advertising match?

Traditional matches contain sulfur dioxide, while our eco-friendly matches are sulfur-free and comply with the EU EN1783 formula.


Hotel industry environmental protection match, as a green lifestyle, is advocated by the hotel industry to adapt to the new concept of environmental protection consumption demand in the new era and to pursue a healthy and safe lifestyle. Environmentally friendly matches can improve the hotel brand image and increase the willingness of customers to stay.


In order to meet people's increasing environmental demands, the hotel industry personnel are more active in formulating environmental protection plans and initiatives, and regard the hotel industry's environmental protection advertising matches as a logical extension of the hotel's support for sustainable development.


The hotel industry publicity adopts environmental protection marketing methods to reduce energy consumption, reduce the damage to the natural environment in the hotel operation process, and establish a hotel brand image by establishing a correct value orientation, enhance customers' recognition of the hotel, guide customers to green consumption, and enhance customers' willingness to buy.


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