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How Do Safety Matches Work and Their Applications

The working principle of safety matches:

Head: oxidizing agent (KClO3, MnO2), combustibles (e.g., sulfur, etc.), a binder.

Matchbox side: red phosphorus, antimony trisulfide, adhesive. Cause of the fire: the decomposition of KClO3 friction → heating → → → red phosphorus combustion caused combustibles match head (e.g., sulfur) combustion.

Advantages: red phosphorus and oxidant separately, relatively safe.

Applications of safety matches:

1. ignition.
2. used as a toothpick.
3. dig Ershao for use.
4. blocking someone's home with a keyhole.
5. dipped with little ink writing.
6. stained with an oil or soap, the water thrown up on to the boat.
7. AB glue with stirring.
8. The ophthalmic not filled with screws.
9. The two small iron piece and an arcuate match together is a whistle.
10. to find a balance when the match can not be separated. A paper cone
11. bore.
12. The fruit cut into small pieces by sticking it to eat.
13. The use as a measuring tool.
14. sharpened eyeball of bad interpolation.
15. put someone else's car tire gas.
16. commanding a concert.
17. toenails with.
18. cigars, with the teeth inserted into a cigar with dangling.
19. hidden games to play with.
20 is folded into a "7" character 90 degrees.
21. broken by magic.
22. arrayed as decorations look.

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