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Let the Advertising Match Factory Tell You Why Matches Can Light

When it comes to matches, it is believed that everyone knows them well. Nowadays, lighters are more commonly used, and matches are relatively rare. However, in comparison, I still prefer matches. The reason is that I consider it as a childhood memory. I wonder whether you have ever been curious about why a small match can light when it is rubbed, well, I did. Today, let's analyze it with the technicians of Fangzhou Matches Factory, a world leading advertising matches provider.

There are friction matches (also known as phosphorus sulfide matches) and stable matches. The lighting principle is different.

1. The main components of friction matchsticks are potassium chlorate and tetra phosphorus trisulfide. The heat generated by a slight friction on a rough surface is enough to cause these two substances to chemically react and ignite.

2. Sulfur replaces tetra phosphorus trisulfide in the stabilizing match head. General frictional heat is not enough to make the drug tip react. Only when the phosphorous layer on the side of the matchbox is scratched, the frictional heat will cause sulfur to react with potassium chlorate first, so that more heat can be released and the chemical substances in the medicine tip will react and cause fire. Its reaction process is as follows: 2KClO3+ 3S → 2KCl + 3SO2+ 1137kJ. The above chemical reaction is very violent and the fire is too violent to conduct to use. In order to control the rate of ignition, some fillers such as quartz powder should be added to the medicine tip to make the ignition of the medicine moderate and stable; In addition, potassium dichromate and pigments are also added to improve the moisture resistance and appearance. If you replace sulfur with starch, shellac and add some spices, you can make a sulfur-free aromatic match. This kind of match does not produce odorous gas SO2 when it burns, and it can emit fragrance.

Fangzhou Matches Factory located in Nanle County, specialized in safety matches, is one of the leading manufacturers of advertising matches. In order to ensure that our finished products can be delivered to your side safe and sound in the final stage, we have passed many quality checks throughout the production process. We are also your reliable partner, welcome to check and buy.

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