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Match Boxes with Design Sense

In 1826, Walker in England invented the "lucifer match", and the foreign fire and the modern match was born. In Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale The Little Match Girl, the burning match makes the little girl smile despite it has a sad ending. With the development of society, matches, which were called "foreign fire", gradually have faded out of people's sight. But creative designers give a new image of the matchbox with a new design.

Some move the marking surface of the matchbox to the top of the box in an unconventional way and design the red phosphorus into neat geometric figures, which increases the visual diversity of functional household products.

Some matchboxes have collaborations with big names, and the brand features are printed on the matchboxes. Although each box has different colors, they are unified in style, providing users with visual diversity.

There are also matchboxes specially designed for consumers, full of commemorative significance, with a full retro style. In addition, some matchboxes are combined with puzzle games, so that users can enjoy the fun of the game after running out the matches.

The most unique one is the matchbox with color paintings, which reflects the texture of life, favored by the high-end people; There are also some brightly colored matchboxes with simple but retro illustrations, mixed with a sense of modernity, which is contradicted but interesting.

A small matchbox has so many patterns, and it can be seen that now the enterprises have paid much attention to the packaging design of goods. What's more, the match is not only used to light a fire but also to carry more and more cultural connotations. It also plays the roles of derivatives, cultural and creative products, and other commodities. Therefore, if you also want to own a matchbox full of design sense, welcome to contact Fangzhou Matches Factory, and we will try our best to meet your requirements.

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