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Matchbox Pictures and Stamps

People who collect antiques and stamps are usually heard a lot, but it is really rare to say that they collect matchboxes.

In the general impression, matches have basically withdrawn from the consumer market, and that square box has long since withdrawn from people's sight.

However, matchboxes are booming in the hearts of collectors, so that many collectors who invest in matchboxes do not hesitate to "return the pearls", as long as the boxes do not contain matches.

Some people specialize in collecting the poster on the matchbox, some people even call matchbox pictures and stamps "sister art", which has the reputation of a small encyclopedia.

1. The historical development of matchbox pictures

The world's first matchbox picture was born in 1827, produced by the Stockton Company in Cleveland, England. This oldest matchbox picture is in memory of British pharmacist John Walker.

The initial matchbox picture themes were all about characters, and it was only later that matchbox pictures that recorded events appeared. Walker Matches predates the birth of the world's first postage stamp, the "Penny Black" by 13 years.

The earliest matchbox pictures in China were the "Dragon Dance" matchbox stickers produced by the Guangdong Qiaoming Match Factory in 1879, counterfeiting the Japanese match trademark. Nowadays, matchbox pictures in China have developed very well, and many suppliers will choose China manufacturers to produce custom matches.

At first, the matchbox picture was only used as a trademark of matches for the circulation of matches. As time went by, the stickers on the matchbox broke through the concept of trademarks, and the selection of design materials also expanded, covering everything. It is logical that some people want to collect them for enjoyment.

In this way, there is one more collection in the world, a small window to see the society and the world, and people have more fun in their peaceful life. As more and more people like to collect matchbox stickers, custom matchbooks are becoming more popular in the market.

Matchbox pictures and stamps belong to the same miniature art, advertising matches are not as widespread as stamps, and stamps have face value, but matchbox pictures do not.

Now, a box of small matches is only a few cents, how much is the trademark on the matches worth? In fact, a precious matchbox picture is absolutely worth as much as a precious stamp.

2. Matchbox stickers in Chinese history

In the history of the development of Chinese matchbox pictures, a set of 20 matchbox pictures named "Chongqing New Appearance" is the special creation of more than 10 famous printmakers in Sichuan Province, including Li Shaoyan, Li Huanmin and Niu Wen.

And a set of commemorative matchbox pictures for the Games designed by the famous artist Han Meilin in 1965 is now worth two or three thousand yuan. Some of the handed down works of ancient painters are also on advertisement matches.

The matchbox picture is so magical, it is attached to the matchbox, so that the match is more aesthetic than the use. Over time, it will naturally be favored and chased by collectors.

Of course, there must be many people who love the house and Wu, and are hooked on matchboxes because of matchbox pictures. Moreover, a small matchbox can not only see thousands of worlds, but also reflect the development of history.

When looking at that little matchbox picture, it is like reading a pocket history book without words, which records the changes of the whole society.

The world's largest collection of matchboxes and matchbox stickers is probably the Japanese collector Yoshizawa Miichi, who spent half a century collecting 660,000 matchboxes from 32 countries in the world.

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