F-Zero Match Factory
F-Zero Match Factory

2 Inches Jar Matches in Bulk #8

*** Customized Label MOQ 50 Jars ***

♥Item: J2-35

♥Jar size: 2.8’’ tall × 1.3’’ diameter.

♥Quantity of matches: Approx.. 35 matches

♥Matches are 1.9-2 inches

♥Aspen wood.

♥Striker is on bottom of jars.

♥Template of label, see attached.

♥Color of matches: Over a dozen of head colors available

♥ weight: 32G

Jar size: about 2.5"high*1.3"diameter (65x32mm)

size of matches: 2 inch

quantity of matches: around 36

Lead time: 5-9 days

Shipping time:

9-14 days to USA, CANADA

14-19 days to UK, Australia and New Zealand, etc.

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