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Seeing the Prosperity of Cigars from a Matchbox

1. The matchbox of cigar matches

Cigar accessories have been introduced several times, but no cigar matches have been introduced specifically. There are many distinctive matchboxes, and you can see the sophistication of previous cigar matches.

Today's cigar matches are very simple, that is, they are packed in a paper match box, or better, an aluminum match can.

But this is not the case in front of them. Matches were invented in 1827, and for a long time after that, even carrying a box of matches with you was very distinctive.

What we can see now can be roughly divided into two categories, one is a small matchbox that directly holds cigar matches, and the other is a matchbox sleeve that can hold a box with a paper-packed matchbox.

The small matchbox that directly holds the cigar matches is evolved from the gunpowder pot. The small pot is filled with gunpowder, and when it is ignited, a little is poured out and ignited with flint.

Most of the matchboxes of cigar matches bulk are made of metal, and most of them are made of silver, some are made of copper, bone, and a very small amount is made of gold.

The matchstick boxes for cigar matches are generally small, about the size of the paper matchboxes we use in hotels today. There is a lid on one end that can be opened, some lids have hinged connections, some do not. There are also cigar matches whose matchboxes are opened in a book-like manner, and a dozen matches can be placed inside after opening.

The matchboxes of cigar matches have special shapes, such as animal shapes such as horse-shaped, monkey-shaped, chicken-shaped, etc., as well as various shapes such as horseshoe-shaped and heart-shaped, but more are box-shaped.

Although many matchboxes of cigar matches have similar shapes, the patterns carved on them vary widely, some are very complicated, some are smooth, and many are engraved with the information of the owner at that time, such as family crest, surname, etc.

2. Matchbox sets for cigar matches

The other type appeared relatively late, and appeared after the appearance of safety matches. It is a match box cover, which can be put into a paper box of long matches that we commonly use now. At the same time, there is an opening in the position of the sand skin,  can be pushed out directly when using it, take out matches and light them.

Founded in 2000, F-Zero is one of the leading manufacturers of safety matches, manufacturing and distributing various safety matches from China.

In order to ensure the quality of the finished products, F-Zero has undergone many quality inspections throughout the production process. All matches are produced in factories in China with strict quality control, and the matches do not contain sulfur and toxic heavy metals. The outer and inner boxes are made of 100% recycled cardboard.

As a member of BSCI and leading match box manufacturer, F-Zero stands for social and ecological responsibility. Welcome customers from all over the world to visit and consult about match boxes wholesale.

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