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Tips for Lighting a Match Stick

1. Hold the lit match stick

Hold the matchstick at a slight downward angle to keep the flame burning. In general, flames burn most vigorously when they can spread upward, and even small burns follow this pattern.

Doing this will keep the flames going strong and keep the matchsticks from burning your fingers too quickly. If you need more time, you can always adjust the angle of the matchstick upwards to slow down the flame.

Increase the angle of the matchstick's downward angle to make the flame larger. If you want the flame on the match stick to burn a little faster, try tilting the match stick down for a second or two.

The flames should spread upwards quickly, and the matchstick fire itself will get stronger. However, this time the flame will also be hotter and closer to your finger, so you have to be very careful.

Try not to have the sticks pointing straight down. This will send the flames directly from the stick to your fingers, which can easily lead to burns.

Hold the stick upright so that the flame becomes smaller and extinguished. Hold the stick of a match stick so that it is difficult for the flames to reach the combustible material in it. The flame will be smaller because of this, and the burning speed will be slower.

Over time, the matchstick will either slowly spread down toward your finger or go out on its own.

Pay attention to wind protection. When lighting matchsticks outdoors, be careful of wind protection. The wind will blow out the lit match stick, causing the match stick to be wasted. You should go to a place where there is no wind, or wait for the wind to stop before lighting the matchstick.

If you must light a matchstick in the wind, you can shield the wind from the wind and protect the flames with your body and hands, which is a useful technique. By following these simple tips, you can safely and effectively light your match using match striker paper.

2. Precautions for lighting a match stick

When starting a matchstick, in addition to the various techniques above, you can place the matchstick directly into an open flame, such as a stove, a campfire, or even the flame of another matchstick.

Fireplace matches look like super-long wooden matchsticks. When using fireplace matches, you should place your fingers about 1.3 cm away from the head of the match to avoid breaking the matchstick when you strike the matchstick. This precaution will ensure that your long fireplace matches last longer, allowing you to light your fireplace with ease and comfort.

After the flame is extinguished, the smoking matchstick can be lit again.

Be sure not to ignite near flammable materials such as fuels, igniters, chemical solvents, etc.

After the flame was blown out, the matchstick was still hot. So after using it, you should submerge the matchstick in water to make sure it doesn't ignite any other items in the trash.

The direction of the matchstick must be away from the body, or down. It is dangerous to inadvertently hold a lit matchstick close to your body.

Always be aware of your surroundings when lighting a matchstick. Do not light matchsticks near children, pets, or other objects vulnerable to open flames, and do not allow children to touch or play with matchsticks.

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