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What Is the Covering on Match Boxes Made Of?

The main components of the friction material on the match boxes are red phosphorus, glass powder, and antimony trisulfide

A match is mainly composed of a matchstick and a match boxes. When the two rub against each other, the red phosphorus ignites and ignites the flammable substance on the match head. Matches and match skins are a kind of ignition tool based on the principle of heat generated by friction. The initial matches used yellow phosphorus as the ignition agent, which was gradually replaced by phosphorus sulfide. Currently, matches are mainly divided into friction matches and safety matches, with safety matches being more commonly used. Friction matches are less safe and can easily ignite spontaneously.

The red phosphorus in safety matches is not only non-toxic, but also adheres to the side of the match boxes and the match stem separately, so that they do not come into contact when not in use, making them highly safe. Today's matches include matchsticks and matchboxes. The match head on the matchstick is mainly composed of KClO3, MnO2 (oxidizer), and S (flammable), while the matchbox is composed of red phosphorus (ignition agent), antimony trisulfide (Sb2S3), and glass powder. When the match head and matchbox are rubbed together, the red phosphorus on the surface of the matchbox in contact with the match head ignites, causing the match head to burn and igniting the match stem, thus achieving the purpose of igniting.

Can matches be lit without match boxes?

As we all know, matches are very useful ignition tools, cheap and easy to use, and are even necessary for some scientific experiments. However, their shortcomings are also obvious. After a few matches, the sandpaper will rust and can no longer be used. So, how can matches be lit without a matchbox? Today, we will teach you some methods of lighting matches.

Use a rubber band to light a match

  • You will need a match and a rubber band. Thread the rubber band from one end to the other, and loop it around the match, pulling it tight.

  • Take another match and don't tie a knot. Just loop the rubber band around the match head.

  • Hold the tightly bound match with your right hand and pull it out like a slingshot. Hold the second match with your left hand and keep it steady.

  • Release your right hand, and the match will fly away. The head of the second match will hit the head of the first match, and the flame will light up.

Use a match to light a match

  • First, stack several scented matches together and align the heads of the matches. Then take another match from the matchbox and place it flat on top of the other matches.

  • Next, rotate the lone match vigorously from the bottom upwards. When you hear a "click" sound, the match will ignite. Although it's a bit wasteful of matches, it's very practical.

Use a magnifying glass to light a match

If you have a magnifying glass, you can place the match under it, adjust the focusing distance, and concentrate the sunlight on the match until it ignites.

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