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What Is the Significance of the Wedding Match?

Getting married is a happy but also complicated thing. When preparing for a wedding, many couples tend to forget about a small but important thing - the wedding matches. Why do we need wedding matches? What is the significance behind them? Let us explain.

In 1898, Frenchmen H. Sèvène and E.D. Cahen replaced yellow phosphorus with tetrasulphide phosporus to create matches called sulphurized phosphorus matches. These matches, which could be ignited by frictionas easily as yellow phosphorus matches but were not poisonous, were still less safe than safety matches. At the end of the 19th century, it was discovered that factory workers who used white phosphorus matches were prone to a disease called phossy jaw. In 1898, the French Government Match Monopoly Company patented tetrasulphide diphosphate for match-production, and white phosphorus matches were considered illegal products. At the beginning of the 20th century, modern matches were introduced into China and were called "foreign fire" or "Fan Huo".

There are two types of matches - friction matches and safety matches, which have different principles for ignition

The main ingredients of the friction matchhead are potassium chlorate and tetrasulphide phosporus, which ignite by friction and heat generated by rubbing them against a rough surface. In safety matches, sulphur replaces tetrasulphide phosporus. The conventional friction generated from rubbing the match against a surface is insufficient to ignite the match head, but when rubbed against the phosphorus layer on the side of the match box, the friction generates enough heat to cause the sulfur and potassium chlorate to react, releasing a large amount of heat energy, which ignites the chemicals in the match head.

Notes on using wedding matches

  • Most couples get married for the first time, which is why they are called "newlyweds". The wedding matches are used by couples to light cigarettes for their guests. Everyone knows that matches are disposable, so we can use new matches for each guest. This complements the title of "newlyweds" and implies the beginning of a new life for the couple.

  • Many matchsticks are now designed in a trendy and festive style, which looks great on the signing table. Since most people use lighters, using wedding matches is new and interesting for both the couples and guests.

  • Matches are safer to use than traditional metal lighters, which can get too hot and burn the couples or guests. Matches are used once and then thrown away, making it much safer. However, using matches may require more effort on the couples'part.

These are the reasons why we use matches on our wedding day and the significance behind them. Finally, it should be noted that not all guests who smoke need to be given a cigarette with the matches, as it may take too much time. Ultimately, wedding matches are mainly about the symbolism behind them.

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