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Why Can't the Smart Lighter Replace the Matchstick No Matter How Good it Has Been Developed?

Lighters are widely used in daily life as an ignition tool today, the sense of the presence of the matchstick is indeed getting lower and lower. But does this mean the matchstick is about to die out?

1. Have matchsticks been completely replaced?

In fact, the answer is not. The main reasons are cost, safety, and "added value". In the three aspects, the matchstick can undoubtedly surpass the lighter. The truth that matchsticks can generally survive in starred hotels indicates that it does have a certain irreplaceability.

2. Safety and cost

For safety reasons, the softwood end of the common matchstick on the market all over the world is mainly composed of white pine and aspen, poplar, or some mercerized kapok which sometimes will be added into. All the woods have been soaked in ammonium phosphate, in order to keep the embers from falling down quickly when the matchstick is burning. The side of the matchstick box is mainly composed of red phosphorus, antimony trisulfide, and adhesive.

3. The matchstick used in the cultural propaganda industry

In addition to safety and cost, the matchstick industry has gradually found a new way-- the cultural propaganda and gifts. An exquisitely printed box of matchsticks is embodied with the corporate value behind the brand.

The matchstick has been less and less used as an ignition tool and becomes the carrier of popular fashion, artistic innovation, and individual expression. In contrast, no matter how smart a lighter can be, it cannot fully compete with the matchstick with some special "added value", such as retro and nostalgic sentiments. It can be said that there is a kind of eternal vitality through time and space in it when the matchstick is applied in the cultural propaganda industry.

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