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Content Classification of Matchbox Pictures

The matchbox picture is the trademark sticker on the matchbox. For more than 180 years, matchbox picture has encompassed history, society and the world with its colorful designs, turning every square inch of paper into a small window for people to gain insight into history, observe society and understand the world.

At the same time, the matchbox picture also sculpts time that is often overlooked in its unique way, and blooms itself in the flow of time, turning into a flower of art full of wisdom. So far, the matchbox picture is still a dynamic passion, loved, collected and tasted by people.

1. The trademark matchbox pictures

The trademark matchbox picture refers to the matchbox picture that simply acts as a trademark. Most of these matchbox pictures are single, usually with the name of the factory, auspicious words or registered trademarks.

2. Art matchbox pictures

This kind of matchbox picture has a wide range of subjects and beautiful designs. A set can range from two to hundreds. There are many varieties of artistic matchbox pictures, which are interesting to collect and are the main types collected by enthusiasts.

3. Advertising matchbox pictures

That is, the matchbox picture that advertises the commodity (business unit) on the matchbox picture. Such advertising matches existed before the founding of the People's Republic of China. In today's commodity economy society, it is even more emerging. Due to the spread of matches and the large contact surface, the advertising effect is excellent. Therefore, many companies will choose personalized matchbooks to promote their products.

4. Special matchbox pictures

Special matchbox pictures, also known as PR matchbox pictures, are match stickers specially produced for some specific units. These matches are not sold in the market, and the matches made are mainly for gifts. Advertising matches are generally used in hotels, institutions, schools, hospitals, etc.

5. The propaganda matchbox pictures

A propaganda matchbox picture is a special matchbox picture that appears in a specific period. For example, in the 1920s and 1930s, "Chinese people use Chinese products" was printed on the match trademark to remind and encourage people to implement patriotic actions;

6. Travel matchbox pictures

Tourism matchbox picture is a new variety developed since the 1980s to meet the needs of international tourists to buy tourist souvenirs.

This kind of advertising matches, which concentrates the green mountains and green waters, scenic spots and historical sites, local customs, etc. of the land of China on the surface of the square-inch box, integrates practicality, commemoration, art and collection, and is mostly sold in various tourist attractions.

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